Royal Tee Canister

The Royal Tee Canister

The canister comes default with fifty R4 1-1/2″ Tees and fifty R4 2″ Tees.
Please specify if you need any other combination of Tee sizes and or colors.

Canisters are not available to order online.

Wholesale Pricing
Call 517-783-5911 to order today!

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We have 4 different R4 sizes to choose from and 3 PhatTee sizes (please see size and color explanation below). All of our tees are measured by the length of the flexible rubber portion of the Tee. This will be the ball height off of the ground. For sizing purposes, we have “color-coded” the hard-plastic portion of the tee that sticks into the ground, as indicated below.

Our R4 Tees sizes are: 1/2″ white, 1″ blue, 1-1/2″ yellow, and 2″ orange.

Our R5 or PhatTee sizes are: 1-1/2″ yellow, 1-3/4″ green, and 2-1/2″ white.

The flexible upper rubber portion of our tees (that the ball sets on) come in 3 different colors for your preference: White, Yellow, and Orange.

Note: The R5 PhatTees are more expensive than the R4 regular tees. The price per canister for both the R4 and R5 will be the same but the quantities will be different. The quantity of the R5 PhatTees per canister is 80 whereas the quantity of the R4 Tees per canister is 100.

Please call with any questions: 517-783-5911


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