• The Royal Launch Pad from Royal Tees Golf The Royal Launch Pad allows the golfer to "tee it up" in all conditions: Hard ground, sandy ground, or uneven turf. Will accept any Tee... wood tee or specialty tee.
  • The Royal Tee Canister The canister comes default with fifty R4 1-1/2" Tees and fifty R4 2" Tees. Please specify?if you need any other combination of Tee sizes and or colors. Canisters are not available to order online.

    Wholesale Pricing Call 517-783-5911 to order today!

  • 3 Tees: 1 - par-3 or hybrid tee, 1 - 1.50" tee and 1 - 1.75" tee. Get a discount when you buy: 5 or more - $4.99 each 10 or more - $4.49 each 15 or more - $4.24 each 20 or more - $3.99 each
  • Professional looking Golf Ball Retriever for any size Putter Grips. We have two sizes: Red:? fits Medium to Large sized Putter Grips. Black: fits Small to Medium sized Putter Grips.
  • Clips firmly to your belt or clothing. A great way to carry your ball and keep track of your strokes. The Ball Keeper is made for men and women and is available in 5 different colors.
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