Had to tell you this story; I went out alone to play 18 last weekend and ended up playing with the two-some in front of me. I gave them a couple of holes, then after one of the guys shanked his third drive in a row I handed him a Royal Tee and said, "Here, try this." In his own words, after nailing the shot straight down the fairway, "Holy crap! That’s the longest drive I have ever had, what the hell is that tee?" He and the other guy played the rest of the round with your tees and refused to go back to their old wood tees. The dentist from Watseka Illinois and the other guy from Gibson City both stated they would be ordering some tees so hopefully you will see those orders come in.

By the way, I love the new tee. I tried the shorter tee for my Par 3 tee shots and absolutely love it.


I LOVE them.  They have helped me a ton.  All of my friends that have tried them absolutely enjoy the feel of the hit and the way they keep the ball flight consistent. I believe your product is a game changer.


Hi Ron,

I like your tees very much, since I can rely on the right height when I put the tee in the ground and after I hit the ball in stays in the ground.  I was using the brush tee before but it was difficult at times to put the ball on the brush and I would spend too much time doing this.  Plus the brush tee is much bigger and is a little bit overwhelming looking at it on the ground.

Thank you,

Dear royalteesgolfllc,

These tees are AWESOME ! ! ! Went to the course today with them for the first time. Driver, 3 & 5 wood, hybrid, iron....they all worked great off these things. I was a firm believer in the brush tee, but these things blow them out of the water. I'm sure I will be a return customer. Thanks a bunch.


My wife and I met you at a golf course in Jackson.  You were kind enough to not only show me how to get to the golf course, you gave us a ball holder and some of these great tees. I absolutly love both of these items.  I am purchasing some for christmas gifts.  I have also talked to some local golf courses and stores.  I hope they have been in contact with you.  Thank you once again.  Great product.


The tees are great because they do not break, and they are also big enough to hold the ball and not fall off when placing the ball on there like a three pronged tee. I wish you all at Royal Tees the very best as you have a great product.


All the Best,

A friend brought back the rubber royal tee from the PGA show, and let me use it yesterday while golfing.  I really like the way it feels, and my Drives were great.  NOW---where can I buy some?



Some of my golfing buddies tried hitting the tees and they were equally as impressed as me.  I don’t know whether you have looked at marketing in the UK, but it could be a great opportunity in the future.  I would be more than willing to assist with anything you may need to try and sell your product on this side of the pond.

I will definitely be ordering again in the near future, thanks for the terrific customer service.

Kind Regards,

Good Morning,

I purchased a Varity pack of your tees at this years Michigan Golf show and have been using the 2nd smallest one every time I use my driver. I golf at lest once a week on a league and the maybe ever other weekend I go out for another 18 hole with buddies of mine.  I really like the product and want to continue using it and every time I golf with someone new they always ask about it so I let them us the other sizes and they like how you get the same tee height every time you tee your ball up. Thanks for coming up with this it has helped my game immensely.

Thanks Again

I really could feel the difference.  With my game, every little bit of help I can get is huge.  I'll be sure to do a "show and tell" with people on my golf league.  I'm sure that once they try your product, they'll want to get their own.


I am just an average golfer.  I've had a sample of your 2 inch tee since the golf show in Novi Mi. Two weeks ago I decided to try it out. Wow what a product!  I wouldn't think a golf tee would make that much differance. Im hitting my tee shots longer and straighter.  It feels a lot cleaner on the follow through.  I placed my order today for a set.


I believe you have the best Tees out there right now. And we have found a lot of tees in all the years we been golfing. We are members at Mystic Creek Golf and Country Club in Milford Michigan. The little crown on top so nice!!! Ball stays in place -priceless.